Forums Are Operational

The forums are live again. Hopefully the new forum software (XenForo) will help with the spam problems we’ve had in the past. It certainly feels smoother than vBulletin. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be starting threads on various support issues. There are also subforums for C programming and general tech topics.

Tenacious C 1.25 Released

Version 1.25 of Tenacious C was released today. New features include: Folder Import Wizard This feature constructs a Tenacious C project from the .h and .c files in a folder. Useful for pulling in existing projects without having to add every file manually. Scriptable Deployment Intended for university and corporate customers, this command-line feature installs […]

C, The Beautiful Language

They call soccer the beautiful game, and when we watch Ronaldo doing things on the pitch that no earthly being should be allowed to, we understand why. And yet, to me, it’s not so much the ungodly talent of the superstars that makes the sport such a pleasure to watch, but more the beating heart […]

How Duff’s Device Works

I like C, but I have to admit that, sometimes, “The Old Man of Programming” can be a bit of a killjoy. This is one of the most exciting eras in computer history, but lately, C’s acting like he doesn’t even want to have a good time. While the cool kids like Ruby and Haskell […]