Tenacious C   The Visual C IDE and Graphical Editor

Tenacious C depicts your C programs graphically.

With our easy-to-use display, you can

  • Ensure pointers are initialized
  • Quickly identify memory leaks
  • Investigate program data
  • See what points to what
  • See how close you are to an overflow using the stack meter
  • Enable a variety of memory views, allowing you to investigate virtually all program data
  • Cast memory from one type to another

Learn C using a memory view

As you learn C, you'll understand how your computer sees your program.

Your pointers, memory, and variables will be depicted automatically.

The memory view will update as your program runs.

Debug Smarter

Uninitialized Pointers

Warning icons are displayed when pointers don't display to valid memory

Memory Leaks

Inaccessible memory is marked with a red border for easy detection

Stack Overflow

Our stack meter lets you know how close your program is to annihilation

Teaching C, Learning C


  • Reduce training costs.
  • Workshop existing code bases.
  • Facilitate senior-junior mentoring.


  • Ideal for group learning.
  • Classroom discounts available.