My Life become good after shifting near to my office

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    I am a resident of old Faridabad, which is a pivotal part of Delhi NCR. Recently I got a job offer in Noida sec 62, the offer was good but the only issue was commutation from Faridabad to Noida. I opted the offer, and joined the company, with the hope that I will manage, but it become really difficult for me to commute from Faridabad to Noida , initially I used my car to travel, but the peak traffic discouraged my idea to take my car specially during the initial days of week. I opted for metro, but that too was not easy. I totally cut out from family life.


    We have a flat in Indirapuram, my mother suggested me to relocate there with my wife. I liked the idea , but staying away from parents , is the most difficult task for me, I told mother that , I would rather leave the job , but my mother advised that , we can visit Faridabad during weekends and both of us would visit to Indirapuram regularly. But I disagree, and told them that, I will only relocate, if you both also relocate, otherwise I would resign.

    Next morning my mother came to us, and said that they are agree to shift to Indirapuram. In Faridabad we have our own bungalow, and we are shifting in a 3 bhk flat, so our first task was to decide what we would carry in our new resident and what we would leave here. My parents took 2 days to make the list of the goods which we have to carry. They took another 3 days to shop for the new flat; my father organized everything in our new flat.

    After organising everything, we have hired the number 1 packing and moving company “Gati Packers and movers Noida”. They have done the packing, loading and also organizing our new flat. We were very concerned about the safety of goods, and nothing got damaged during the voyage. The whole shifting experience was excellent.

    I still Miss Faridabad, but my life become happier now, as my office is very near, and I get more time to spend with my wife and parents.

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